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Hi and welcome to the Amy Elisabeth Photography blog. This is the place where you will read all about my latest photo sessions, favorite print products I offer and random happenings in and outside of my photography passionate life! With this blog I hope you learn more about me as a photographer, my style, and what makes me, me!
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Glimpse....Amanda

Amanda. Class of 2012.
So very lovely.


Friday, July 29, 2011

First Glimpses....Firefighter in Training

He may be a young little boy but I see he is following in his dad's footsteps big and strong.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taylor Class of 2012

Meet Taylor. Class of 2012. Full of life. So much spirit. Along with such amazing blue eyes!
She and her mom met me at one of my favorite locations to take pictures in our nearby downtown. Fun backgrounds. Awesome lighting. Endless possibilities.
We enjoyed our time together laughing and getting to know one another!
Taylor was so much fun to work with and it seemed as she relaxed in front of my camera as our session went on, her personality shined through. Not to mention as the sun began to set in the sky, the lighting was gorgeous.
Taylor thank you so much for our time together and for letting me take your senior pictures!










Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Glimpse....Eddy

First Glimpse.......Eddy

The breed? Irish Wolfhound. The gentle giant. His personality? 100% zest for life.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet Elise....Class of 2012

Elise. Just as her name is pronounced...lovely. Such a pretty girl. An absolute natural and I loved photographing her and creating images of her. Elise was vacationing in the area with her sister at her grandma's and I am so glad we were able to schedule a picture session in.
She is an avid runner and like me, we enjoyed discussing the sport. In fact she ran in the same race I did a few days after our photoshoot! And of course she beat me!
Not only a strong runner but she is a Black Belt in karate. She is amazing! She wanted pictures of herself in her uniform and I was happy to capture a few of her doing some of her karate movements. That part was fun. Something new for me to photograph and I learned a little about karate as well!
Thank you Elise! Good luck to you with your future endeavors and enjoy your senior year of high school!







Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Glimpse..........

She may be the little sister but she can hold her own pretty well against her big brothers.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Behind the Scenes...Photo Session With Mariah


I sense many people who get in touch with me to schedule a photography session are not real sure what to expect and how a whole photo shoot unravels. And I can't blame them for feeling that way either because until I get to know someone and learn their expectations I do not know which way a session will go. And many do not know who I am or what I am all about.

Honestly, there is no pulling teeth during a portrait session. No sound of a dentist's drill. It is all about you. Having fun. Capturing your personality. Being your true self. Living life as you are. Real. Life. Real. Fun.

Once you get to know me, you will soon learn I am probably one the biggest down to earth type of people you will ever meet. Any photo session should be fun and be relaxed and include fun memories not to mention developing a friendship with me as your photographer.

I am very fortunate to have a great friend named Delynn who has a real love of photography and also one of my greatest supporters of my photography passion. She has become very good behind her own camera's view finder and last night she offered to take pictures of me photographing her daughter and her high school senior portrait session.

I am very glad she took these pictures so I can share with you how a photo session happens. What to sort of expect. And how my job as a photographer goes to work.


After viewing these images, it is fun for me to see how I work and interact with my clients during a photo session. I try to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and offer suggestions to help them throughout our time together. And of course my knowledge and love of horses is an added benefit to a photo shoot such as this one.


I wanted her and her horse "Buddy" to be in the shade to shield her from the sun and avoid squinting her eyes. Plus the tree added to the overall mood for these shots. Who wants pictures of themselves squinting? Yes! Me neither!


When I am photographing my subjects, I strive for all types of angles and positions. I look for the best possible light and how that will play in the overall outcome of each picture. And I also want for my subject to look their very best, so trying various angles gives so many more possibilities along with creativity for the images.


My gear I use is Nikon and I love my camera to pieces! Funny as that sounds, my camera has been my true partner throughout my photography journey. And the lenses I use are called prime lenses and they do their very best for portraits. I often will interchange them throughout a session for various moments and posing.


Like I mentioned before I move all over the place to find perfect light conditions. My subject's best pose, representing and creating an overall image that shows them in real life. So seeing me crouch down such as the above picture or laying on the ground is how I work. I could care less about getting dirty. I live on a farm after all! However avoiding snakes and poison ivy are high on my list when treading in new territories. Which makes me rethink my flip-flop attire entirely.


I am picky and can spot a "don't" moment quite often. I usually help my subjects with their attire or hair just before snapping pictures to make sure clothes, hair, etc. are in place and picture ready. My camera bag not only holds my gear but is stocked with safety pins, hair spray, tissues, lip gloss, bug spray, hair bands, barretts, lotion and gum for those "just in case" moments.
And being picky like that is a benefit to you! Trust me!


Playing with various locations and backgrounds are fun, fun, fun. What may seem rather boring to a bystander observing me taking pictures, really cannot benefit from what I am seeing in my mind in how I want an image to play out. And once I see that image on my camera I know I have found a really good spot and it is going to work for that subject and overall moment.


I will shoot from up high and down low to add more creativity and emotion to capture my subject. For this picture above I was photographing Mariah and her horse Buddy and was standing on a bench. I found this to be a fun perspective by looking down at her and Buddy's head.


I saw so many opportunities from this angle and really had fun with it although they were a bit worried I might topple over!


Working with animals are my favorite and of course equines rank right up there. Having had horses myself for nearly 30 years works in my favor because I know how horses behave, interact with humans and I am very comfortable around them. I absolutely love sessions with any animals! Except snakes of course.


"And that's a rap!"
After I shoot a photo session I am sort of on cloud nine as the picture above reveals. I feel a bit like a rock star in fact! I have created some awesome images for my client I know they will truly love and I will be so very proud of. It is an amazing feeling. I love it. I love being a photographer. I am so very lucky to be at this point in my life. This is truly where I am meant to be.
I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes entry and gain a better idea of how my photography sessions happen.
Thank you again Delynn for taking these pictures! You are the best!

First Glimpse.....Mariah

Class of 2012. High School Senior.

Fun loving. All smiles. Happy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Glimpse....Taylor

Class of 2012 High School Senior.
Genuine. Such a pretty smile. Rocked her photo session.


Sunday, July 3, 2011


Looking to be a day at the beach kind of day!


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