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Hi and welcome to the Amy Elisabeth Photography blog. This is the place where you will read all about my latest photo sessions, favorite print products I offer and random happenings in and outside of my photography passionate life! With this blog I hope you learn more about me as a photographer, my style, and what makes me, me!
If you like what you see and are interested in booking a session and would like more information, there is a link to my website in the menu above.
Enjoy viewing my photos and reading the stories I share here on this blog! ;)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Glimpse.......


I still can't help giggling at this photo. This perfect moment between the two brothers. Dad's smug face. Such funny expressions exchanged! How I love pictures like this one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet the "M" Family

Fun. Happy. Laughing. Full of life. Completely describe this family of four. Our session took place on the property my husband Tim and I own which is five miles from our home. I never imagined in a thousand years this place would prove to be such a super spot for doing photo sessions of families! But it is. I have been loving it so much.
Their kids loved running up and down the corn rows, running through the tall grasses and being a country kid for a short while. And they stayed patient long enough for me to capture some sweet moments!









Friday, October 22, 2010

First Glimpse.....The M Family


Miss A striking a pose. Mom all smiles. Little A "dancing like a penguin". Me, telling the dad "Just a few more pictures. Really....only a few dozen more!"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Glimpse...The A Family


Fun family. Beautiful girls. Two Yellow Labs happy and smiling. Did I mention the beautiful fall colors?
Three words: Wonderful photo session.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jill & Andre with Stuart and Charlie

I have loved doing recent photo sessions. Especially right now with such vibrant fall colors and bright blue skies. I so enjoyed taking this couple's pictures and their two doggies. They were so fun. Laughing, smiling, having fun with each other. Jill is a veterinarian and works for my husband and I. We love her. So much! I think they are a very special couple. Over a year ago I predicted these two would start dating. They seemed like such a sweet match. And they are together and very much a sweet match for each other.
Their two fur babies? Stuart and Charlie. Or Stewie and Charles. Stuart is the little, white Chihuaha. Huge dog in a little, bitty body. He cracks me up when he shows his "big dog" attitude! Such a vocal little fella. And Charlie? Ahh, the gentle giant. Just a big sweet heart. When Jill adopted him last year from our area's local humane society, he looked like a bear cub. I couldn't get over how stinkin' cute he was! Now he is handsome and all grown up!
Our photo session was relaxed, carefree full of laughs and giggles. They were up for just about anything when I asked for certain poses or spots to sit down for more picture taking. Thank you Andre, Jill, Stuart and Charlie for this fun autumn evening!








Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Glimpse...The J Family


I so enjoyed photographing this family. Such handsome young boys. Full of life. The three brothers.
All of their smiles made my job of taking pictures of them so easy. Such a beautiful morning we had for this photo session. So many favorite captured moments!
More to be shared soon..........

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Savor Autumn


I love this time of year. Autumn. Trees are full of color and forests look as if they are on fire. Reds. Oranges. Yellows. Earthy colored tones. Happy colors! I love summer but fall seems to be a nice farewell to a wonderful summer before winter is upon us. I enjoy winter. The first month that is. But then January and February? Hibernation!
Happy Fall weekend. Breathe in cool October air, if you live in Michigan! Soak up some of those sun rays full of Vitamin D. View blazes of colors all around you. Take pictures to savor these moments!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Glimpse.......


Fun couple. Always laughing. Just happy. I think they are pretty crazy in love with each other.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little Miss L


Meet little Miss L. Big smiles. Tons of personality. She had no worries about the gal with the big black camera following her around. So much fun this little girl. I had a blast with her and loved visiting her backyard and meeting her bunny and tossing her giant pinecone to her as she rolled it down her slide, again and again, and again. And the giggles? Adorable!
You will see what I am talking about through these few pictures I took of her I share today!

DSC_1902_edited-2 copy


DSC_1928_edited-2 copy

"Bokeh"....bubbles of light. Ooohh how I love thee! See them in the background?

DSC_1939_edited-2 copy


DSC_1963_edited-2 copy


No having to say "CHEESE" to her! Easy to get big smiles and laughter from her. She made my job and made my day. Photographing her clearly made me realize why I began AmyElisabethPhotography!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Blog, New Look


It was time. I needed a change. And I do not like change but in this case, change was a far better choice. My life is so different from two years ago when I began DVMsWife's Life. I have grown as a person. New passions have evolved one being photography. It became more than a hobby. I love taking pictures of people, places and things. All creatures great and small. Wonders of our everyday lives! So with loving this passion a dream began. It is growing. My name is out there. I have so many hopes for the future. I have greater dreams. Many ideas. Creations! Perfecting this gift of capturing photographic moments.

With this new blog I hope to not only share my recent photographic sessions but to also share the happenings of my life here and there. My husband Tim's battle with brain cancer. Pictures of our critters. What our kids are up to. Life on this funny farm of ours. To keep you all in the loop because so many of my readers are dear friends of mine and my family. I have met through the blogging world via our blogs, so many wonderful people from all over the United States with huge hearts and so much love and support.

I hope you enjoy this new look. This new blog. I especially hope you enjoy seeing pictures I have taken. Photo sessions with kids and families and furry critters all right here shared on this new blog of mine!

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