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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet Andreas ~ Class of 2012

Meet Andreas. Class of 2012. Big smile. Super sweet. Did I mention funny? This session left me feeling thrilled, content and yet sad. Andreas had recently found out his dad was diagnosed with a dangerous form of brain cancer. This broke my heart. So much so and ironically because it is the same type of brain cancer my husband is facing. I had spoken with his mom before his session and learned of this cancer news. I was instantly taken back in time to when my husband was diagnosed, reliving everything she was telling me that was happening to her husband. I felt shaken. And angry about this cancer. Yet, I felt suddenly connected to Andreas and his family. I so wanted to reach out to them and tell them it would all be okay. 

During his senior session with me, we laughed. Alot. But we also talked about brain cancer. He had so many questions about it. What his dad was going through. What would happen next. Radiation. Chemotherapy. Emotions were riding high for him and I hoped all of my answers would provide him with some comfort, knowledge, and hope. 

His close friend Aneesha, who I photographed a few weeks before, accompanied us. She really helped Andreas feel more comfortable in front of my camera. I think her being there helped ease any nerves he was feeling about being photographed. And after about 20 minutes he loosened up and seemed quite comfortable posing for us!

Andreas has plans to attend Northern Michigan University in the fall and I am so excited for him.  I attended NMU for a short while myself and I think he will really love this college. His dad continues to heal and beat this cancer. Which makes me so happy for them. I can only imagine his dad feels extremely proud of Andreas!








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